Rehab Centre Prices

Affordable Rehab Centres prices
Affordable Rehab Centres prices

Rehab Costs – Prices

Rehab Centre Prices. It has never been more affordable to go to a rehab centre. I believe there has never been better treatment, or more affordable prices.

  • 10 days residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £2,995
  • 2 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £3,800 
  • 4 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £6,995 
  • 8 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox = £9,750
  • 12 weeks residential rehabilitation including a tailored medical detox£11,995 

As well as Rehab Centre Prices. Talk to us about funding if needed. Our team are here 24 hours a day. Call 0845 3881 543 or mobiles call 07811 606 606.

About us

We have been offering the lowest prices drug and alcohol addiction treatment since 2009. Our five residential rehab centres for drug and alcohol addiction have been working hard to keep our prices down. But still offering great treatment. We currently have an 85% success rate for long term abstinence from drugs or alcohol. I am happy to explain why our system works when you call.

Why do other centres charge more

The simple answer is, because they can. We all do the same sort of treatment. Some people are good at it, and other not so good. A lot of this is due to how long the centres have been established and who is behind them.

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