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Other services. Aftercare is an essential component of alcohol rehab that can help individuals maintain their sobriety and prevent relapse. Aftercare programs provide ongoing support, guidance, and resources to help individuals transition back to their daily lives and cope with the challenges of sobriety. Here are some common aftercare options for individuals who have completed alcohol rehab:

  1. Continued therapy: Ongoing therapy, such as individual counselling or group therapy, can provide a safe space for individuals to discuss their challenges, emotions, and thoughts related to sobriety. Therapy can also help individuals develop coping mechanisms for dealing with triggers and stressors that could lead to relapse.

  2. Support groups: Support groups, such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or SMART Recovery, provide individuals with a community of peers who are also in recovery. These groups offer a supportive environment for individuals to share their experiences and receive encouragement from others who understand what they are going through.

  3. Medication management: Some individuals may need to continue taking medication to manage withdrawal symptoms or cravings. Regular check-ins with a healthcare provider can ensure that the medication is working effectively and that there are no adverse side effects.

  4. Lifestyle changes: Making lifestyle changes, such as adopting a healthier diet and exercise routine, can help individuals maintain their sobriety and improve their overall well-being.

  5. Continued monitoring: Regular check-ins with a healthcare provider can help monitor for signs of relapse and ensure that individuals are receiving the support and resources they need to maintain their sobriety.

  6. Family therapy: Family therapy can help individuals and their loved ones rebuild relationships that may have been damaged by alcohol addiction. It can also provide families with the tools and resources they need to support their loved one’s sobriety.

Programmes can vary

Aftercare programs can vary in their intensity and duration, depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. It is important to work with a healthcare provider to develop an aftercare plan that is tailored to the individual’s unique needs and goals. With ongoing support and resources, individuals can successfully maintain their sobriety and lead healthy, fulfilling lives in recovery.

Aftercare – other services

Aftercare is a key element of any treatment you may receive. To enable you to remain substance free after treatment we can arrange either individual or group aftercare treatment that will offer you the ongoing support you will need to return to a normal drug free lifestyle. We can arrange aftercare with a qualified and experienced counsellor or psychotherapist near you home.

Primary programs

Evening Programs and Support Groups We offer a variety of evening treatment programs and support groups run in the heart of London, Birmingham and Manchester. These programmes have been specifically developed for those individuals who are looking for quality treatment but are not able to enter residential services due to work or family commitments. To enrol on either an evening programme or support group you need to have completed detoxification, which we can support you with. Group Therapy At ADUS Healthcare we provide a variety of therapy groups and aftercare groups throughout England. In group therapy approximately 6-10 individuals meet face-to-face with on of our trained therapists. During the group meeting time, members decide what they want to talk about.

Feedback – Other services

Members are encouraged to give feedback to others. Feedback includes expressing your own feelings about what someone says or does. Interaction between group members are highly encouraged and provides each person with an opportunity to try out new ways of thinking and behaving; it also provides members with an opportunity for learning more about the way they interact with others. Group therapy is a safe environment in which members work to establish a level of trust that allows them to talk personally and honestly. Group members make a commitment to the group and are instructed that the content of the group sessions are confidential. It is not appropriate for group members to disclose events of the group to an outside person.

Collection Service 

ADUS Healthcare can arrange transportation to and from your clinic of choice. We can also offer assistance from and to an airport and clinic and help with arranging flights. This level of support gives you an opportunity to relax and be put at ease knowing you are being well looked after.


We can arrange needs led detoxification at a wide range of clinics with specially qualified staff and doctors. This normally takes two weeks and is followed by community based support and counselling.

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