Affordable Rehab centres addiction detox
Affordable Rehab centres addiction detox

Affordable Rehab – Saving you Thousands. We have affordable residential rehab centres for drug and alcohol addiction. It has never been easier, or more affordable to access treatment for alcohol or drug detox and rehab.

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Every year people spend thousands on drug and alcohol rehab, only to find out they could have saved thousands for the same treatment in a more affordable rehab centre, and in some cases, in the same centre. They also find that the rehab centre they had chosen was very expensive, and they could not afford to pay for the length of time the client really needed. Sadly this consequently led to the client not being able to break free from their addiction, as the cost was far too much.

We offer

Residential Rehab: We have centres throughout the UK at very affordable prices.

Alcohol Home Detox Program: Our program is the most supported in the UK.

Free Assessment for EVERYONE: This is to help you find your best way forward.

Private or NHS: We are happy to talk to you about all the options available to you.

We offer the most affordable Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres available in the UK where in most cases you can afford to go, and stay for as long as is necessary. Alternately we can also an offer even more affordable option, such as home detox or online rehab programs etc.

Affordable rehab – Funding

We are also happy to help you with the funding option available for you. The ways to get funding. the steps you need to take etc. There are lots of options, and lots of help available. We also know of a few rehab centres which do not charge anything for treatment. Call us for more details. Tel: 07811 606 606

Unsafe options

We are happy to tell you of the options which are NOT SAFE FOR YOU TO TAKE. There are companies offering unsafe options. It is important you speak to our team about this.

Our team are ready to help you. Call us on 07811 606 606 for the options available for you or a loved one. Below is some examples of our offers:

Residential Rehab and Detox Programs
10 days detox and rehab program at 5 centres across the UK,

2 weeks program, drugs or alcohol, detox and rehab,

4 weeks program, drugs or alcohol, detox and rehab,

Home detox programmes

An Alcohol Home detox by CETOX, is the most supported home detox program available in the UK. This is set at one price, no matter where you live in the UK. A Drug Home Detox by CETOX again is the most supported home detox program available in the UK. We can also offer live in carers, if needed. This is at an extra cost to the home detox prices above.

Online Rehab Program

We offer a 28 days “online” rehab program for either drugs or alcohol. This is all done on your computer at home, work, or anywhere you have a computer and an internet connection. We do have a team of computer wizards if you need any help in setting this up, or anything else related to this program. This 28 days consecutive program.

What we offer

We offer residential detox and rehab programs for drugs and alcohol. We also offer home detox programs for alcohol. Contact us for full details on any of there above. At Affordable Rehab, we offer more than just affordable rehab centres.

Affordable rehab and detox for addiction

We offer so many different options which will save you money, and give you the right treatment. If you would like more details about any of the above, please call or team on tel 07811 606 606. We help 100’s of people every year, and we can help you.

Do not worry

Residential rehab is nothing to worry about. Also a home detox to is nothing to worry about. The medication used now a days is far better than it has ever been, giving you a safe comfortable successful detox. Also our prices are now extremely affordable. There is now no reason not to get yourself well. We are finding more and more people are successfully getting clean form alcohol or drugs as the years go on. Do not get left behind. Call us now for help and advice on your best options.